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Cannot login

Extension reports "Username and/or password is incorrect" or "Unknown error".
The same username and password works on http://readitlaterlist.com/ without any problem.

The username and password are both alphanumeric. Username has 6 characters, password - 24 characters.

Anton , 21.10.2011, 09:08
Response from the site administrator
bretik, 17.11.2011
RIL has max password length of 20. I've changed the password filed to allow maximum 20 characters. This issue is fixed in version 1.6.0 (update will be available in next few days)
Idea status: completed


bretik, 21.10.2011, 11:55
I know this is king of stupid workaround, but there's probably a problem with some special chars. So you can probably "fix" this problem by changing your password avoiding special characters, which have special meaning in URL: "?,%,&,=,@,:"

I there'll be next version, I'll fix this problem.
Anton, 21.10.2011, 12:11
No special characters. Only letters and numbers.
I've set an shorter password, it works.
Looks like a password truncation somewhere in the code.
Well, till fixed I will pretty happy with shorter password. :)

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