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Newly Added URLs from Twitter iPhone and iPad App are faulty in Reading list

I have a problem with newly added URL from the Twitter iPhone and iPad App: The headings and the links aren't existent in Reading List in Opera:


But in Read It Later on my iPad everthing is OK:



rainergrossmann, 29.08.2011, 13:57
Idea status: scheduled


bretik, 29.08.2011, 14:02
Probably similar issue from addons.opera.com:
Tweetbot app for iPhone
When sending links to ReadItLater, from tweets directly, without first opening links or individual tweets But directly from stream time-line.

Then Opening this "Reading List" extension on Opera, The number of reading items are correctly displayed
the links are missing, its all BLANK.

Its a bug with the extension Because
the online "http://readitlaterlist.com/unread" portal lists all links clearly.

Please fix this.

Using Opera 12.00


I'll try the iPhone app to find the issue and fix it. Thanks for the report
rainergrossmann, 29.08.2011, 14:11
Bretik, thank you for your the quick reply! :) - Yes, I think this is the same issue!

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