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Blank window when clicking reading list icon

I only get a blank windows when I click on the Reading List icon on Opera 11.50. It only works after clearing my data (storage option). The next time I click it I get a blank windows again.

Anyone can help

Rainer , 03.08.2011, 19:34
Response from the site administrator
bretik, 17.11.2011
This issue is fixed in version 1.6.0 (update will be available in next few days)
Idea status: completed


Rainer, 10.08.2011, 15:11
Strange, now it doens't even work after I cleared the local data...
Rainer, 10.08.2011, 16:17
Clean install of Opera didn't help... :(
bretik, 10.08.2011, 19:19
OK, that's weird. Could you please open the error console (ctrl+shift+o on windows), clear it, click on the extension button and post here all messages which appeared exactly on the moment you clicked the button? Thanks.
Rainer, 10.08.2011, 19:33
Thank you for your reply! :) Here's the content of the error console after clicking on the reading list extension button:

"[10.08.2011 20:30:32] JavaScript - widget://wuid-4e42ed88-bd8f-03ec-070a-1fabbda92f1b/popup.html
Event thread: DOMContentLoaded
Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'toolbarButton.badge' to object
Error thrown at line 226, column 1 in updateBadge(count) in widget://wuid-4e42ed88-bd8f-03ec-070a-1fabbda92f1b/background.js:
toolbarButton.badge.textContent = count;
called from line 285, column 1 in renderList(page) in widget://wuid-4e42ed88-bd8f-03ec-070a-1fabbda92f1b/popup.js:
called from line 171, column 2 in () in widget://wuid-4e42ed88-bd8f-03ec-070a-1fabbda92f1b/popup.js:
Robin, 11.11.2011, 07:52
Hi! I'm having similar problems with Opera 11.5 on both Windows 7 and mac osx 10.6

I can still add pages with the "+" icon, and I see the correctly updated number in the ReadingList icon, but when I click the icon, the list is empty.
I still have pages stored ok, and the "+" is functioning OK, because if I check on the main ReadItLater website, the correct sites are there.

I uninstalled ReadingList, restarted Opera, reinstalled ReadingList. One time this worked for me and the list of pages was back. However the last 3 times I have tried these same steps, I still get a blank page.

If I recall correctly, the problem was triggered (for me) by clicking on either the "next" or "prev" buttons, after which I just got a blank window, either with "next"/"prev" buttons which were unresponsive, or with no buttons at all to click.

Robin, 11.11.2011, 08:08
Further to my last comment: here is the error log.

[11.11.2011 09:07:17] JavaScript - widget://wuid-4ebc9638-dc58-076d-0a56-1e9ddc488519/popup.html
Event thread: DOMContentLoaded
Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'm' to object
Error thrown at line 440, column 1 in getDomain(url) in widget://wuid-4ebc9638-dc58-076d-0a56-1e9ddc488519/popup.js:
return m[2];
called from line 292, column 2 in renderList(page) in widget://wuid-4ebc9638-dc58-076d-0a56-1e9ddc488519/popup.js:
var domain = getDomain(item.url);
called from line 171, column 2 in () in widget://wuid-4ebc9638-dc58-076d-0a56-1e9ddc488519/popup.js:
bretik, 11.11.2011, 08:11
Thanks for reporting - the last comment was very helpful. I'll try to fix this issue in next version.

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