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allow right click support

Hi, is there any chance the read later option could be included in right click options, and also that if say looking at a youtube page, rightclicking a link would also bring up the read later option

irish66, 28.06.2011, 22:07
Response from the site administrator
bretik, 10.10.2012
Available in version 1.7.3 and Opera 12.10+
Idea status: completed


bretik, 29.06.2011, 07:15

right click support would be cool, but there is only one way how to do it - users would have to edit the menu files on hard disk to add callback for the plugin. There is no API for creating menu items with extension right now.
bvm, 05.08.2011, 23:16
The lack of an item on the context menu for links is the biggest missing item that I'm noticing. Shame about Opera not letting you add to the menu, but I'd be quite willing to edit the menu if given clear instructions.
bretik, 10.08.2011, 19:22
OK, I'll consider adding the right click support for next version with guide how to add right click menu item to Opera.
martin.fennell, 10.08.2011, 20:22
Thank you very much

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