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Cannot login and reload items (Rate limit exceeded)

On reload item, it shows the error "Rate limit exceeded, please wait a little bit before resubmitting."
I logged out and re-log in, same error occurs.

I can log in via normal webpage < http://readitlaterlist.com/ >,
and I have no idea that I tryed so many accesses of readitlater site.

What is the cause?

Reading List ver.1.5 on Opera 11.11, Windows 7(x64).

gyokuto , 16.06.2011, 14:47
Response from the site administrator
bretik, 17.06.2011
Thanks for reporting this issue. It seems like autosync feature is using more request per hour than it is permitted for the API key - I'll ask to raise the limits. So, please have patience until the request is fulfilled

EDIT: I submitted for approval new version (1.5.1), where the automatic synchronization is turned off by default - this could solve the issue.
Idea status: completed


gyokuto, 17.06.2011, 15:24
After a while I could log in.
I'll save autosync rate.
Thank you.
bretik, 17.06.2011, 17:58
The problem is still there. The API key limit resets every hour and the limit get depleted in cca 30-45 minutes, so every hour there is 15-30 minute window in which the extension is not working. The more people upgrade to version 1.5.1 the more stable the service will be (I hope).

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