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Tags do not sync properly.

If you set any tags using another browser, they will not sync. Even worse, if just hit sync, all tags are removed. Pretty please fix this! =)

Paulo Jarschel , 28.02.2011, 12:11
Response from the site administrator
bretik, 01.03.2011
Fixed in version 1.3 (going public in few days)
Idea status: completed


bretik, 01.03.2011, 08:20
Thanks for reporting the issue. What exactly do you mean by "If you set any tags using another browser"? Which browser? Are you using some extension to set the tags or the web interface?
Paulo Jarschel, 01.03.2011, 11:25
Thanks for the response!
I tried with Firefox extension and the web interface, and did not get the tags I had set after synchronizing...
bretik, 01.03.2011, 11:53
OK, I'll try to solve this issue in next version.
Paulo Jarschel, 01.03.2011, 11:55
Thank you!

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